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As I was staying at my desk and sipping my coffee in this snowless winter day, I remembered my lovely little blog. It’s been a while since I’ve last wrote a post and I know I shouldn’t have neglected it so much! Here I am, in front of my laptop and trying to figure out where to start from and which book I should review after publishing this post.


Meanwhile, I’m happy that winter is here. I love winter, not only because I was born in this cold season, but because of the snow, chilly nights and warm blankets.


The only thing that is making me sad about this cold season it’s that homeless people and animals are dying from hyphotermia. Not to mention that they’re also dying from hunger, but this can happen every day, cold weather only doubles the possibilities. So please don’t forget to at least give the homeless people a bread with an old blanket and feed the animlas with your leftovers.

Have a blessed day,